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What do you need?

It might not be more sessions...


I used to sell personal training packages because, that way, I could save folks some money and get more sessions. A win-win, ya know? It connected with a few people and we’re still working together over a year later.

Recently, though, I realized that I’m missing lots of the people I want to reach. Most of you reading this might have questions about improving fitness/form or preventing injury but don’t need more than one or two sessions. 

Let's do it!

As an example, when I’m working with someone at RunnersWorld Tulsa (selling running shoes), we’ll go quickly over your running form and injury history to make sure you get the right shoe. I’ll also give you an exercise or drill that can make your running more comfortable, efficient, and injury-proof. That all takes around 25 or 30 minutes, usually, with most of that time spent discussing the shoes themselves. 


In an hour, though, with every minute devoted to you (and your shoes, if you want) we could build a program of a few exercises and drills to fix your running, lifting, physically demanding job, or whatever else (one time it was a person who does agility training for dogs!).


But am I the right person for you? 


There’s only one way to find out! Just kidding, there are three ways. 1) Schedule a session! No matter who you are or what you do, I am sure we could find some form of movement or exercise to improve your quality of life or performance. 2) Read my philosophy or training and my background. 3) Go to my testimonials page–my clients’ success is the most important thing anyways, why not see what other people think?


My mission is to develop awareness of movement principles and techniques to prevent injury and support progress. Working in physical therapy taught me how little people are taught about what their bodies can or should do, and personal training lets me do something about it.

I’ve changed my structure in 2024 to be even more accessible to you, if you’ll take advantage of what I have to offer it’ll be a true win-win 🙂.

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