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Meet Your Trainer

Hi! I'm Cody, and I can't wait to work together.

It's so important to have a connection with your personal trainer. Wherever you are in your fitness journey, I'm on your team!


My approach to personal training is largely based on observations from working in physical therapy. Most people don't know the exercises they can do to reduce their pain or limited mobility while improving their overall health.

The main benefit from working in PT is getting really picky with what muscle should be working vs what muscle is working.

It's my goal to make fitness accessible. I want to help you reach new fitness levels or get you back to doing your "thing." I love working with athletes of all kinds.*

My run coaching  philosophy is pretty simple and aimed at correcting three big lies about running. 

1) "I'm just not a runner." 

2) You have to go fast all the time to be a runner or slow all the time to be an ultrarunner.

3) Running is bad for your knees (and the rest of you).


I'm convinced that everyone is a runner, most people go too fast on slow runs / too slow on fast runs, and that correct running has no downsides.

Head to the Run Coaching tab for more info :)

Cody and his wife, Alex on a hike in Colorado

I'm a certified personal trainer by the American College of Sports Medicine.

I love helping people meet their goals and overcome their limitations through exercise. I believe that deeper understanding and improved perception of movement are the best foundation for fitness.

About the logo

No one cares about a logo as much as a business owner. So indulge me, please, as I tell you all about mine :)

I've been working with my sister-in-law, Abigail (fine arts, print-making, graphic design wunderkind who just, like, "gets it" you know?) on a logo for a while now. It took a few sessions of scribbling out nonsense (me) and her interpreting that nonsense into something sensical before, all in one moment, we struck inspiration gold. 

I knew I wanted something cool, obviously, but not overcomplicated. A logo that looked adventure-y but also sophisticated; that embodied a minimal, value-oriented style while capturing the essence of what I care about in the personal training field.

Okay, I'm joking. But only partially, to be honest/embarrassed.

Somehow she did it. I mean, just look at that! it's a mountain outline, duh, but do you see how the x-y graph turns into the freeform topography of a mountainside? That's how I feel about the fitness journey: you start with a few points, focusing on crucial details, then there are ups and downs, and before you know it you're seeing the forest through the trees and frolicking among the wildflowers, without pain, at long last. And, to take the analogy further (I always do, thank you very much), mountains come in ranges, so there's always another opportunity-laden valley to dip in to achieve another summit.

Also, I told Abigail I wanted the logo to have a handwritten vibe. Lo and behold, she threw my actual handwriting in there!


So now, if nothing else, you know a little too much about my mental process. I hope the logo is an accurate expression of my personal training "brand," balancing the big picture with necessary details, summing up a few specifics to help you meet your goal--while applying an eager ear and genuine passion for your enjoyment of movement. 

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