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picture of Cody in trail running gear with a view from Pikes Peak in the background

Meet Your Trainer

Hi! I'm Cody and I can't wait to work together!

It's so important to have a connection with your personal trainer. Wherever you are in your fitness journey, I'm on your team!

Cody and his wife, Alex on a hike in Colorado

I'm a certified personal trainer by the American College of Sports Medicine. I love helping people meet their goals and overcome their limitations through exercise. I believe that deeper understanding and improved perception of movement are the best foundation for fitness.

My approach to personal training is largely based on observations from working in physical therapy. Most people don't know the exercises they can do to reduce their chances of pain and limited mobility while improving their overall health.

It's my goal to make fitness accessible. I want to help you reach new fitness levels or get you back to doing your "thing." I love working with athletes of all kinds.*


Personal Training is for everyone, including you, you rockstar!

*Guess what. If you exercise, you're an athlete!

Cody jumping in front of a high mountain pass near the Continental Divide Trail in Colorado

Let's connect.

Fill out the form for more information on plans, consultations, pricing, or other things. 

We can talk about coffee, sure. Or nature, definitely. Pizza? Totally. Personal Training? Obviously. I could go on...but what do you want to know?

Thanks for reaching out, I'll be in touch!

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