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What can I say about running? It's amazing how much time, energy, and emotion go into putting one foot in front of the other. Yet it feels so worth it!

Whether alone or with friends, on an easy day or race day, going for a run is often the one thing that helps me feel most like myself.

Running (especially trail running) has been growing in popularity. What role might running have in your life?

Your run,
your way.

My mission as a personal trainer is to help my clients discover enjoyable movement while preventing injury and--when necessary--guide my clients through a return from injury. 

Running is my favorite form of movement. I started running because it felt like the only safe thing I could do during mental illness. Now I can't get enough of running, and it seems like I'm the best version of myself when I run regularly.  

Seeing other people feel the joy of running is THE BEST! We'd make a good team if: 

  • You already run but need some structure and guidance

  • You used to run regularly and want to build back the habit

  • You've never ran a minute in your life but want to start now

  • You have a specific distance, race, or time goal and want help getting there

  • You're stuck in an injury cycle and want out

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