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Run Coaching

"Why should I pay for a coach?"

Maybe you shouldn't. 

But maybe you should! Paying for a coach is an investment, no doubt. To help you decide if it's worth it, here are some reasons I offer run coaching:

1) You need help not getting injured. If you're stuck in an injury cycle or simply "prone to injury," there might be simple fixes you can apply straightaway. Or, you might need to dial things back to avoid an even longer break in training. This might be the main reason I'm hired as a coach. 

2) You don't know where to start. Even one or two months of coaching can set you up for long-term success/running happiness. I'll teach you the basics of safe and reliable running progression along with preventative exercises to keep you going. 

3) You kinda know what to do, but need help scheduling and progressing effectively. As your coach, I believe in you, take your goals seriously, and put the time in to apply available knowledge to your running journey. 

Should you hire me as your coach? I can't decide that, but I can promise to be there for you in success and not success, providing encouragement, guidance, and structure so you don't waste a single step--for performance or joy.

  • Run Coaching

    Every month
    Let's partner up and meet your goals!
    • 1-on-1 coaching with communication as needed.
    • Race-specific training plans.
    • Unlimited updates & adjustments to your plan.
    • Tips and workouts for efficient running & injury prevention.
    • No cancellation fees or startup fees.
    • One personal training session included per month
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