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Return From Injury

Most of the time, we get to decide whether or not to be active. When you have an injury, though, that choice is taken away.

Most people don't know what to do--or don't know if it's even possible--to get back to their activity after injury. 

In many cases, it's not only possible to get back to whatever activity you love, but your injury could be a catalyst for a breakthrough in your sport or activity.

Your return,
coming soon!

My mission as a personal trainer is to help my clients discover enjoyable movement while preventing injury and--when necessary--guide my clients through a return from injury. 

Injury, suspected and/or diagnosed, sucks. 

I consider it a privilege to walk alongside my clients as they navigate the thoughts, feelings, and expectations of the injury process. Each step of the journey I'll be there to support you and remind you of what matters. 

Let's get you back! Fill out the Client Application Form and I'll personally respond whether I think I can help or not. 

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