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Sport-Specific Training

Whatever you play, your sport has endless opportunities to optimize.

 I love dialing in the details. 


Train the parts, and the sum improves. I can help you tune your reactions to the unique demands of your sport.

Your game,

My mission as a personal trainer is to help my clients discover enjoyable movement while preventing injury and--when necessary--guide my clients through a return from injury. 

Sports are the most enjoyable movements--there's combined power, technique, skill, and community. Let's tune in your body to your game. Whether you have known areas of weakness or just think you could be better, I can teach you ways to improve.

We'd make a good team if: 

  • You haven't met your potential and don't know why

  • You had an injury and don't feel like the athlete you were before

  • You just want to have fun and not get injured

  • Your coach said you need to be faster, stronger, or whatever else coaches say

  • You're stuck in an injury cycle and want out

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