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Better Runner Program

All-Inclusive Training for Every Runner

On a Run

$200 $100

Comprehensive Gait Analysis

Starting with a comprehensive running analysis, we'll identify problem areas and opportunities for improvement. You'll leave this session with a better understanding of how your body works and what you can do to improve pain and performance. This is also the time to discuss hopes, dreams, and goals.


Gait analyses can cost up to/over $200. As a part of this plan, however, it's only $100.

$130 $110

15% Off Footwear

What's a running program without new shoes? 
RunnersWorld Tulsa is giving 15% off a pair of shoes to anyone who buys this program. You'll be armed with expert recommendations from your individualized running analysis and decades of experience from the RunnersWorld Tulsa staff.

Running shoes are typically at least $130, saving you about $20. Price not included in online order, because I can't predict what shoes you'll want!

Getting Ready to Run
Lifting Kettlebells

$150 $135

Personal Training Sessions

These personalized training sessions will develop a framework for better running now and far into your running career. You'll learn skills and activate muscles to get better efficiency, injury resistance, and overall enjoyment of running. 

Single sessions are $50, but with this plan you get three sessions for $45 per session.

At $345, you save $135. 

That's $345 (instead of $480) for:

- Running Analysis

- New Pair of Shoes (actual shoe cost may increase or decrease total price)

- Three Personal Training Sessions

Ready to Get Started?
Regardless of your skill or experience level, you can benefit from personalized running training.

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