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mountain landscape with a singletrack trail in the foreground leading to Grays and Torreys Peak

Cody Koontz

Certified Personal Trainer

(American College of Sports Medicine)

Cody in trail running gear with Greys and Torreys Peak in the background

Personalized Training Plans

Personal Training is designed to be personalized, specific to you, your background, and your goals. 

Let's schedule a chat to start meeting your fitness goals (or to set your fitness goals!). 

— percept: feel better. 

"Percept" is the foundational term for my personal training philosophy. I want my clients to be able to feel better. 

Not just to feel better. That's a given. I want to develop your *movement intuition* so that you:

  • know how an exercise is supposed to feel

  • understand what each movement is working towards

  • engage the why for each part of personal training--it's what gets you through the tough times.


Bolster Your Mood

Some studies show that exercise can improve your resilience to anxiety and depression (psst--it's the main reason I exercise). Let's discover what movement is best for you and get your mood and 'tude strong!

Give Balance to Your Schedule

A personal fitness routine can give you physical and mental stability when times get tough. There's no time like the present to get back into exercise. If you aren't perfect, you're in the majority. Let's work together to build your program!

Build Long-Term Health

One brick at a time, invest in your longevity with daily exercise. That wall will help prevent a myriad of chronic diseases--but it takes time to build. Let's get started now, even 10 minutes a day can be effective!

picture of Cody in cold weather hiking gear in a Colorado forest

Know your trainer

— Cody Koontz, CPT

I'm a certified personal trainer by the American College of Sports Medicine. I love helping people meet their goals and overcome their limitations through exercise. Deeper understanding and improved perception of movement are the foundations for my training philosophy.

Exercise Videos

Need help with how to do certain exercises? Not sure what to begin with? This section of the homepage will showcase specific exercise routines for different goals or body parts. 

This Foot/Ankle Kit is great for gaining a baseline fitness in the foot and ankle. It's also beneficial for runners, weightlifters, and people working on their feet. Doing these exercises can improve strength, develop intrinsic stability, and also reduce pain. Try them out!

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Foot/Ankle Kit

Foot/Ankle Kit

Foot/Ankle Kit
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All Categories
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Soft Tissue Techniques
Toe Yoga

Toe Yoga

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Single-Leg Elevated Heel Raise

Single-Leg Elevated Heel Raise

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Toe Raiser Ankle Rock

Toe Raiser Ankle Rock

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Tibialis Posterior Release

Tibialis Posterior Release

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Got Questions? Ask them! Schedule a call!

Thanks for thanks for reaching out!

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